Thursday, May 15, 2008

Tourist in my own city

For the first two years of my existence in Atlanta, I have been a faithful user of public transportation; mostly due to lack of a car. However, I have recently lucked up on a vehicle, and have been taking advantage of it's services despite rising gas prices. My one opposition? The fact that I only know the city by the Marta buses and trains I used to ride.

I've been spending the last few days running in circles as soon as I hit downtown. LOL. I only have a cursory knowledge of the area, and all its one way and side streets. It was cool getting lost the first few times, because that's how you discover new interesting things. However, it gets old when it's raining and you are stuck in traffic with a million cars on your ass and won't let you get in the fucking right lane that you need in to make the appropriate turn so it doesn't take you 20 years to arrive home and you still have time to cook dinner, go to the gym, and buy that damn belt you've been putting off.


Hopefully, this weekend will be more enjoyable. I might just end up a Sunday driver, pulling out the chassie only for weekends and special occasions, like old people scared to cross their threshold for various illness they make up in their heads to impress friends and close relatives.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Jessica Biel in

Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Program

I've been very neglectfull of my blog since I started working on my final portfolio for school. The portfolio is looking good, and almost finish. Almost. Of course, a portfolio is never finished, only abandoned until yoru next great idea.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Be Nice Challenge

I'm stealing this one from the Crunk & Disorderly folks, but um, I think it goes well enough with my theme to claim.

The Winna gets a cookie by the way.

Monday, August 13, 2007

James Jean Or "Today's Eyegasm kids..."

Just some work by James Jean, a guy who paints comic book covers. I'm amazed at his process, and craftsmanship.

"Shazam!" Or "Golmer Pyle's favorite comic book get's a movie."

Despite being in development for well-over a year, I thought it was still important to give the Shazam! movie some shine.

For those with no clue who this Superman look-a-like is, I'll provide a brief synopsis:

Captain Marvel, was created to tap the adolescent fantasy of being Superman. By speaking the name of the wizard, Shazam, child reporter (& orphan), Billy Batson was transformed by a bolt of lightning into the white caped superheroe we know today. He was imbued with the powers of 7 Gods: Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury. Oh, and the names of all these Gods spelled out Shazam. I know Solomon wasn't a God, but what can you do, it was the 40's.

Despite being what some have labeled a retarded Superman, the character actually outsold Superman in the 40's. Further, Captain Marvel's spinoff characters, Mary Marvel, and Captain Marvel Jr., inspired Supergirl and Superboy respectively. Captain Marvel Jr. was Elvis's favorite comic, and the inspiration for his hairstyle.

Oh, and Captain Marvel was flying back when Superman could only leap tall buildings.

Tired of being disgraced by a ripoff of their original character, the owners of Superman, DC Comics, sued the owner of Captain Marvel at the time, Fawcett, and eventually won the rights to the character. In the meantime the character was stuck in limbo, another company by the name of Marvel Comics created their own Captain Marvel character, and took all the rights to use the name in any titles or advertising.

So now, anything starring the original Captain Marvel has the name "Shazam!" tagged on the cover.

Ok, enough of that stuff. The movie is scheduled for release next year, with the script focusing on young Billy Batson's strained friendship after receiving super powers. You know, it's that whole "how will our friendship survive now that we aren't on the same level" thing. It's rumored that Jake Gyllenhall may play Captain Marvel, but talks are currently surrounding The Rock, and Brandon Molale. Actor, Fred MacMurray, was the original inspiration for the character. Personally, I'm leaning towards The Rock. Dakota Fanning can play Billy Batson for all I care ;).

Here's some Youtube goodness on the character:

Captain Marvel Vs. Superman

Some Captain Marvel 70's Nostalgia

And some photoshop coloring on the comic today

We3 Movie In Development Or "The Incredible Journey Meets The Terminator"

Angry Films, a production company who's last comic adaptation was The League of Extraordinary Gentlement, are in discussion to work on a lesser known comic property, WE3. There was interest in the property by New Line Cinema, originally reported by Variety, but I guess that fell through.

Murphy also told us about a comic-based project that Angry Films is developing and hoping to get a director on soon, that being their movie based on Grant Morrison's mini-series WE3. "He wrote the comic and the script and it's the most insane mash-up in the history of movies if we pull it off. It's 'The Incredible Journey' meets 'Terminator.' Basically, the animals have been experimented on by the government and they're put into these combat suits, and then they escape and want to go home, and the government's like, 'They're heavily armed. Get them!' It's very cool.

Yeah, it may seem a little weird, but if done right, how can cyborg animal assassins not be cool? I myself, have not read the original comic, but I am a big fan of the writer, Grant Morrison. There's something about British writers, probably the access to strong liquor. Anyway, here's a review by a fellow blogger here. He's a bit wordy, but does a good job.